Autumn Term 2018

Lots of new children have joined the pre-school this term and so we have all been getting to know each other and as well as helping everyone settle in and learn the rules and the routines! We have introduced the ‘Daily Mile’ to our everyday routine which the children (and staff) have embraced with eagerness and enthusiasm. This ensures that everyone moves around more and improves the fitness and well-being of all. However some of the children have proved to be very competitive and sprint all the way around the West Field so the staff have had to become faster in order to keep up with them!

The children have been painting rocks and there have been some extremely colourful designs! The child’s name has been written on it and once they were dry the children hid them around the West Field for others to find. The children have also been making poppies to add to the display by the soldier in front of the church for the 100 year anniversary of armistice day. We took them to see the soldier and they all stood nicely as each child one by one placed their poppy around him. We explained that the poppies were to help us remember all of the soldiers that died in the war that finished 100 years ago.

We have a new theme for the term which is ‘People who help us’ and together we have been discussing and thinking about all the people around us who do things to help such as who to call in the event of an emergency, parents, grandparents, dentists, doctors, etc. We took a bus ride to Bradwell with Mick the bus driver. The children were really excited and some said that they’d never been on a bus before. They were  even more thrilled when they discovered that we were going on a double decker bus and were allowed upstairs. Mick helped everyone on and once everyone was seated we set off to lots of squeals and excited chatter. Throughout the journey the children were calling out what they could see from the windows including horses, pigs, roof tops, an aeroplane, tractor, another bus and a big pile of hay bales. When we  got back Mick helped everyone off of the bus and we lined up for a photo to remember the occasion. Last week we also went to visit the farm along the lane from pre-school. After completing our morning run we walked down to the farm to see some very large machinery. The children saw a small plane, a very large combined harvester, a fork lift truck, a blue tractor and a huge mountain of grain. The farmer and his wife explained where the grain had come from and what is was for and were really helpful and answered all the children’s questions and allowed them to feel the grain and sit in the seat of the fork lift truck. Many thanks to all!


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