Children in Need 2016

On a very cold Friday 18th November the children and staff arrived for the pre-school session in their Pudsey outfits, their pyjamas and their onsies for a special Children in Need day. The children looked bemused at the pre-school ladies looking different to their normal red tops. Everyone donated £1 for this very good cause which will be used to help children and families in real need. The children seemed to play much more loudly than they do when they wear their usual pre-school clothes and needed a few gentle reminders not to run indoors as they became more excited. During the morning some of the children waited and watched as Karen carefully painted spots on some faces and before long Karen had quite a queue building up!

In the afternoon session Karen finished painting the children’s faces and then decided it would be a good idea to let the children paint our faces for some reason!! Susie was up first and the children carefully painted spots in groups of colour across her face. Karen was next and Skye said she wanted to make Karen look like a horse and painted her face with a serious look of concentration on her face as she worked. Lastly it was Annette’s turn which started off with spots and lines and then, egged on by Susie, the children painted her to look like a smurf or a character from Avatar!! It was lots of fun and when the children were collected by their parents/carers at the end of the day our faces caused lots of smiles!

dscf4213  dscf4214
dscf4215  dscf4211

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