Christmas 2019 – Another Year Over!

We have reached the end of another busy year at pre-school and this term has been especially so with the children learning the new songs for their nativity play. Ahead of their final performance to their parents and grandparents the children practiced their songs at the Wednesday Club for the older members of the community, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. On the last day of term the children arrived to get ready for their show and once dressed they all looked fantastic in their outfits. Once the audience had settled the show began with Elf Karen narrating the story, ‘Leo the Little Star’. The children (well some of them!) joined in with the songs and remembered their lines and were applauded enthusiastically after each song. After the final song had been sung (We wish you a Merry Christmas) the children took a bow as parents clapped and took photos of their little angels, wise men, shepherds, sheep, stars etc!!

The entertainer arrived to get the party started and provided balloons, games, music and a snow and bubble machine to excite and engage the children who all seemed to be having fun, dancing and shouting! The children were invited to visit Mother Christmas in her grotto and most were enthusiastic but a few seemed somewhat reluctant although once a present and reindeer food were produced their worries disappeared!! There was lots of party food for the children to eat and a raffle for the adults with lots of lovely prizes to be won. Many thanks to all who contributed to the raffle prizes, food and for helping to make the day special for our wonderful children!

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to all!



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