Fathers Day: What a mess!

In preparation for Father’s Day the children enjoyed having their hands and feet painted, along with the table, the floor and the staff!

By now Fathers should have received their wonderful Fathers Day plates made lovingly for them by their child, which we hope were transported home carefully and are still in one piece! The children learnt about celebrating special days/customs with special people in their lives (Knowledge and Understanding of the World). The children chose the colours they would use for their handprints and the letters printed on their plates. During the activity, which was on a one-to-one basis, the children used their communication skills, both listening and talking, and we have heard lots of stories about their Dads, their likes/dislikes and what they get up to!

Some of the older children used a porcelain pen to write on their plates using the knowledge and skills they have learnt at pre-school and during our ‘school readiness’ sessions in the afternoons. The children work really well in small groups during these sessions learning skills that include learning to count and recognise numbers and colours as well as beginning to form the letters of their names and recognise some letters. The children are also really enjoying our ‘PE’ sessions, where the children change themselves into their ‘kit’ and play games and do exercises together and often ask “Can we do PE today?”




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