Fire Station Trip 2019

On 23rd May 2019 the pre-school hall was again being used for voting for the European Elections so we proposed a trip to our local Fire Station in Tillingham. The children have been learning about ‘people who help us’ so it fitted nicely with our theme. We met outside the hall in the pre-school garden and there was a good turn out with lots of children and parents/grandparents/carers too. We walked across the West Field into St Nicholas Road where the Fire Station is situated. The Firefighters made us very welcome, with tea/coffee for the adults and water and sweets for the children. The children watched some slides and listened to the discussion of what to do if there was a real fire and the children were asked if they knew what number they should ring. “999” they shouted! At least they remember some of what we teach them!!! After the discussion some children tried on the Firefighters uniform which was rather big! The children laughed as some of the staff tried it on too!!! Outside the children took turns to sit in the back seat of the big red fire engine. They found walkie talkies and pretended to talk on them and they asked lots of questions. The Firefighters showed the children lots of their equipment such as machines to cut through metal and force open doors. The children all had an opportunity to use the hose and one child even wanted to climb up the big tower which wasn’t allowed for obvious reasons! Lots of the children said they wanted to be a Firefighter when they are grown up afterwards! Many thanks to the lovely crew at Tillingham Fire Station for letting us visit and ensuring that the children had a great time.


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