Goodbye and Good luck!

The end of the school year is coming to a close and the ‘leavers’ have been working really hard to get ready for their transition to ‘big school’. They have been working on many things that will be useful in their new settings, such as counting and number recognition, writing their own names and other maths and literacy skills. The children have really enjoyed our PE lessons and are now able to dress and undress themselves in preparation and in a set time limit!

One the last day of term we had our emotional ‘Graduation Ceremony’ for the leavers and their family members. It was a happy and sad occasion with many Mums, Dads, Grandparents and staff members reaching for tissues! All the children collected their certificate, PE bag and sash with growing confidence and hugged each member of staff whilst parents smiled/cried and took pictures for their albums!

The end of term party was fantastic with the entertainment provided by the ‘Perfect Party People’. The children played games, danced and won prizes before sitting down to some lovely party food and drink. More tears were cried by some as parents, children and staff parted at the end of the party. The children will be missed at pre-school but we know they are soooo ready for big school and we wish them good luck and much success in their transitions to school.


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