Marsh Farm Fun

On Thursday 8th June 2017 pre-school had to close so that the village hall could host the voting booths for the General Election so instead lots of our lovely children and parents/carers had a day out at Marsh Farm in South Woodham Ferrers with Annette, Sharon and Sam. We checked out the weather forecast at the beginning of the week and Thursday was looking grim but we went ahead anyway and the day began a little cloudy and cool but became warmer and we even saw the sun! During our visit the children saw lots of animals such as sheep, cows, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, ferrets, goats, pigs and alpacas to name a few! Our day began with a tractor ride around the area before visiting the pigs who were a little fragrant and really not in a good way!! The parents/carers stood back as the children crowded around peering through the fence at the enormous pigs who were snorting and sniffing around in the mud. Our guide chatted to the children explaining about the types of meat that came from pigs and also told them that the pigs hair is used to make paintbrushes. Some of the children reached out to touch the pigs and some made their own pig noises!  Next we went to see the sheep and lambs who were inside a shed. Our guide from Marsh Farm and Sharon handed out some food for the children and their parents/carers to feed to the sheep. Some children were a little reluctant to begin with but the enthusiasm of the rest soon caught on and almost all participated, giggling as the sheep nibbled the food from their stretched out hands.


Next we went to see some little horses and one of them even had plaits in its mane.  Our guide put some leads on a few goats and allowed the children to walk them along the grass although I think it was the other way around with the goats walking the children! The children and the adults commented on how strong the goats were as they were pulled along by them as they looked for lush grass and leaves to eat. Poor Sam also had her foot trodden on by one of the goats!

We went to see some cute rabbits next and our guide fetched one from its enclosure so that the children, one at a time, could cuddle and hold it. The children were all very gentle with the rabbit who didn’t seem too bothered by all the extra attention. Some of the children also got to stroke a guinea pig who made quiet squeaky noises.













After everyone had washed their hands it was time for lunch and refreshments.  After they had been fed and watered the children headed over to the soft play area while parents/carers relaxed and had their own refreshments and chatted to each other. Everyone agreed it had been a successful trip.



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