Meet the Team

Karen Tuckey

Hi my name is Karen Tuckey and I am the Supervisor and SEN co-ordinator of the pre-school. I joined the committee in 2005 and then joined as a pre-school assistant in 2006. I was promoted to Supervisor in 2012. I hold a level 3 qualification and attend many training courses throughout the year.

I enjoy getting to know my key children and their families and helping them to achieve their full potential. I work very closely with the families we are involved with, assisting them to achieve the help/guidance they need from outside agencies. My worst nightmare is having my hair done in the role play hairdressers and messy play.
I live in the village with my partner, 2 children, 2 cats, guineas pigs, rabbits, fish and chickens. In what free time I get I enjoy (sometimes!!) making cakes and socialising with my family and friends.

Annette Murray
Deputy Supervisor

Hello, my name is Annette Murray. I joined the team in 2005 and became Deputy Supervisor in 2012. I have a level 3 qualification in Early Learning and Childcare and I regularly attend training courses to update my knowledge and understanding of education and pre-school practice.
I enjoy observing and being involved with the children as they develop and learn through play and every day they say or do things that amaze or amuse me. I particularly enjoy ‘visiting’ our hair salon to have my hair ‘styled’ although I often end up looking like I’ve just got out of bed! I also love some of our messy activities such as painting and gloop and it has been commented on that I sometimes end up messier than the children!
I live locally with my husband and 2 sons. My spare time usually involves being ‘Mums Taxi’ and socialising with family and friends and trying to keep on top of the gardening, decorating, shopping and housework.

Emma Winfield

Hello, my name is Emma Winfield and I joined the team in February 2013 after volunteering as a Mothers Help. My 3 children have attended the pre-school so I have had close ties with everyone for many years. I have a Level 3 in Early Learning and Childcare. I also attend other training courses throughout the year.

I enjoy being at the craft table making weird and wonderful pieces and love to paint pictures with the children bringing out their imagination.

Having 3 boys who enjoy different sports, my spare time usually consists of my husband and I watching them swim and playing football and golf.

Sharon Woodcraft

Hi, my name is Sharon Woodcraft. I joined the team in September 2015 after many years working with young children as a Registered Childminder. I attend many training courses which keeps my knowledge of childcare practice up to date. I have qualified for my level 2 qualification and am working towards my level 3 in childcare. I enjoy playing a part in the children’s development and learning and also watching them grow into confident, independent little people by the time they go to ‘big school’.

I live locally with my partner, 2 children, 1 cat, chickens, 2 guinea pigs, 1 tortoise and 2 dogs. In my spare time I enjoy socialising with friends and family.

Samantha Perry

Hello, my name is Samantha Perry and I joined the team in September 2015. I have completed my level 2 NVQ in childcare and will be going on to do level 3 next. I enjoy attending courses and training to update my knowledge, especially in SEN as my passion is to work one-to-one with children to help them achieve their personal goals. From an early age I enjoyed looking after children, beginning with babysitting and knew that I wanted to have a career in childcare. I enjoy all the activities that we do at pre-school and love seeing the children giggling, playing together and helping each other. I am proud to be a member of the team.

I live locally in the village of Tillingham with my partner and son and in my spare time I enjoy our family time together and visiting extended family members. I also enjoy cooking.

Christine Thorp


Hi my name is Christine Thorp. I recently joined the team in 2016. I became interested in helping the pre-school when my daughter first attended in 2014 and I joined the committee. I have completed a level 2 NVQ in early learning and childcare.
I love the challenge the children bring to every day life. One day I could be being pampered in the hairdressers, the next could be creating a piece of art for mum’s fridge. I have one daughter of my own who is now at primary school. I enjoy being part of my key children’s lives to help shape them into little people ready for their future learning.

Jayne Moorse

Hi my name is Jayne Moorse. I have recently returned to work at the pre-school as a play assistant after a short break.