Party Time! – Graduation 2017

Well another term has come to the end! The children have enjoyed making Fathers Day gifts and cards, flower show crafts and had lots and lots of practice for our sports day. The older children have had visits to their new school to meet their teacher to help ease their transition in September and seem to have grown up overnight! We went to watch the local schools Country Dancing Festival and St Nicholas School sports day with the children and we also had our on sports day with everyone taking part in several races (running, relay, obstacle, beanbag on head, wheelbarrow and beanbag throwing) and at the end receiving a certificate and a medal. Well done to the parents/carers who joined in with the fun by participating in the parents races and a big thank you to our parent/committee helpers on that day too! We really couldn’t do it without you!!

On the 21st July 2017, the last day of term, we held a graduation ceremony for twenty one of our children who are off to Big School. During the week we had been practicing the procedures so that the children would understand events on the day. The parents/carers gathered, cameras at the ready, to watch their little ones who were called up one by one by Karen and presented with their school PE bag, a graduation sash and a scroll before having a cuddle with each member of staff. It was an emotional affair with some parents/carers and staff reaching for tissues and one or two children becoming overwhelmed by the occasion! Once the formalities were over the younger children began to arrive and the party really got started. The entertainer engaged the children in lots of fun and games which included balloons, prizes, bubbles and snow! There was lots of dancing and singing and it was lovely to see so many parents and grandparents joining in with their child. Afterwards the children sat down for some welcome food and refreshments before the final and emotional goodbyes were said to the leaving children and their parents/carers. Once again, many thanks to all the parent/committee helpers who organised the raffle and helped on the day. A big thank you for all the lovely gifts and kind words from parents. Have a lovely summer break, see you September!





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