Tropical Wings Trip

Thursday 5th May 2016, the Village Hall was closed due to voting, so our annual trip this year was to Tropical Wings. This tied in nicely to our ‘home’ topic and we were all very excited to see what types of houses the animals lived in.

Karen, Susie, Katie and Emma met the children and parents outside at 9.30, stickers and information sheets were handed out then we were all set to enter. One of the first animals we came across were 2 very large tortoise’s and what a fantastic conversation we has with some of the children about how they carried their homes on their backs! Next it was the ‘birds of the world’ and what lovely beautiful colours we saw, while looking at the owls, black cheeked love birds, a blue and gold macaw, a cockatoo and many more. DSCF3731

Making our way around we came across the monkey’s home, we stood and watched as they jumped from branch to branch and were looking at us through the window.DSCF3736


We were all looking forward to seeing the meerkats, the children (and parents) stood watching them and their babies dig holes and disappear into them.  Susie thought this was a great opportunity for a photo!DSCF3751

Farmyard animals were next, we saw giant rabbits, turkeys, sheep and the children especially enjoyed getting close to the goats while walking through the goat run!

The wallaby walk was next, this enclosure enables you to get close to the wallabies and even give them a stroke!

It was nearly time for our talk with the guide in the discovery centre. Before that we made our way through the warm tropical house, home to lots and lots of different coloured butterflies of all sorts and sizes. Free flying birds were scurrying through the branches and in the middle sat a large pond full of Koi Carp swimming around.  We found we still had time for a quick play on the soft play area before going into the Discovery Centre for a talk.
In the Discovery Centre the guide talked about the habitats for some of the different animals and we were lucky enough to be able to stroke a skunk and a ferret!!
DSCF3764DSCF3763DSCF3762Afterwards it was time for lunch and then a quick play in the park, think it is safe to say that a good day was had by all!


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