About Us

Tillingham Pre-school is an established community pre-school that has been running since 1963 and serves the rural village of Tillingham and its surrounding areas.

The aim of the pre-school is to provide good quality childcare and education for all.  To promote a safe, caring, stimulating, learning environment where children can flourish and grow in their key developmental areas and be able to approach formal schooling as happy, confident, secure children, ready to face new challenges.

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      • Tillingham Pre-school will promote good health through physical exercise and healthy snacks.  Encouraging children to use their body effectively and by training in personal hygiene.
      • Parents/carers are involved as partners with mutual responsibility for their children’s education.
      • Communication and links to be established between parents/carers, Tillingham Pre-school, local schools and outside agencies when applicable.
      • Tillingham Pre-school is an Equal Opportunities pre-school.
      • Parents/carers are encouraged to take a role in the pre-school either through helping during sessions or on the managing body.
      • Children are encouraged to make their own choices and are given opportunity for free expression.
      • Children are provided with a variety of materials or promote curiosity and experimentation.
      • Children are encouraged to respect one another’s differences, to understand that despite these differences each is unique and important.
      • Children are encouraged to express their feelings in an appropriate manner.
      • A sense of responsibility is fostered by giving the child responsibility.
      • Self-esteem is promoted by setting the children achievable challenges.
      • To create a happy environment where children will be keen and eager to learn.
      • Each session will provide learning experiences in the six developmental areas as defined in the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Guidance
      • Each session will have different equipment so that children who come to all sessions meet different challenges.
      • The session will cater and be suitable for all age ranges and the curriculum structured accordingly.
      • Provision is made for all children with learning or physical difficulties to participate in the daily activities.
      • To ensure that fees are kept low by regular fund raising thus making Tillingham Pre-school available to all.
      • To ease the transition into formal schooling by promoting visits and links with the catchment schools.
      • To promote good working practice for staff and children.
      • That staff are aware they are role models for the children and act accordingly.
      • To encourage staff development through training.
      • To always understand that the “Children come first” with us.
      • Most importantly to promote learning through play.